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Drive away...

As the owner and I were relishing quiet moments in the house, I told him he may want to move back in.  It was about 2 weeks before it went on the market. He is an amazing person and I knew that I had to have the conversation with him.  Yes, he really could move back in.  It was ready for him and he just needed to get some furniture and fill up the fridge. But it was in the works for a much longer time, while the house was cleared out over the holidays.  Work began about mid January, and went non-stop for two months as the general contractor discovered more and more and more.  We were there, at least once per week.  I was there probably four times each week.    He had owned the house since 1980.  It was his first house.  He was single and stayed that way.  And as it happens, days turned into years and years into decades and at some point, one doesn't recognize what has happened.  Then he took ill.  And a friend stepped in for him. He moved into assisted living, close b