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A day trip, from the local airport.

My daughter, Sutter, is in town from New Zealand for a brief few days.   We've had plenty of meals out.  She's met up with her work friends (she never burns a bridge), and her college friends (some of whom are having their first babies), and some family friends.  It's less of a rush these days...but it is busy! We flew to San Diego on Thursday for a visit with her brother, Evan.  He took the day off from work and we had a great time.  His wife Erin, a middle school science teacher, was moving about 300(?) 8th grade students around Washington, D.C with some co-workers.  So she wasn't around at this time.  She does a great job...and more power to her! This was an early morning flight with a return that night about 9:30pm.  Thank goodness we didn't have bags to haul around!  But really....the security seems so random! We had a good chuckle at the beginning of the security line.  It seems the TSA would like to have the crews and employees ease into this bin, sl