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At the beach....

I love to go to the beach. I love it any time of year.  I especially love it in Maui.  Any where in Maui.  Well, not JAWS.  That's the place where super surfers get towed in by super jet-skis because the surf is so monstrous that they can't catch the waves with out a boat towing them into the heap of water. These are a couple of photos I took at Jaws.  It broke when I was there about five and a half years December.  I had only hoped in my dreams to see it. The next time it broke I was there too...not so huge, but that was over a year ago in 2010. The shot below is my screen saver on my computer.  But I digress.  I want to talk about an afternoon I had one day at Ka'anapali Beach....steps away from the timeshares I have at the Westin.  (I have a mess of them.)  I was sitting.  I often just sit.  I stare at Molokai. I stare at Lanai.  I stare at the water.  I just never get tired of staring.   You'd think I was waiting for them to move, or e