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Computers and iPhones and I'm catching up.

I thought back to our first computer, a used Apple 2+ from one of my brothers who sold it to us for $2500.  The word-processing program had us hit the period button twice to add it at the end of the sentence.  In hindsight it was awful.  In hindsight we loved it! Our kids were raised on all things 'tech.'   Even my late husband was an early adapter.  He'd head back east and take CAD classes and then experiment to teach himself how to design boats on computers.  That was from a guy who used splines, and drew with pencils, and put weights on shapes so he could draw a lines plan, bigger than his drawing board.  But... he loved what the computer could offer him and his clients.  He had so many options!  Don't like the shape?  Make a change on the computer.  I started out this year working to get up to speed with everything.  I'm going more than paperless!  The papers are in the cloud!  Not sure what that means.  But they are up/down/around  - here/there/somewhere