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Flush it out

    There's a guy I see all the time on TV.  He sits there and doesn't say anything.  He seems contented.   It's on channel 15, our local Alameda public service TV station.  It is not popular because it doesn't have Top Chef, or Alameda Okay Cookers, or the Amazing Race, or the Alameda Race Around the Island, or The Housewives of Alameda, or Alameda's Pretty Good Wife.  Those could be amusing, but there's no money in the budget for those frivolous shows. But the guy listens to every planing board meeting and every city council meeting.  He sits right in the front row.  We can all see him (maybe I'm the only one watching) on the telly. I like the city meetings.  I watch them if there is something exciting or controversial going on.  I can watch them in my PJs.  One time I got a call from a friend who said we needed to get over to City Hall to speak.  Out of jammies and into jeans.    Once I got to speak at a meeting and my last remark was that I h