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Mom, this is gross!

The post title was from my daughter, not when she was young.  It came when she came back home from her 'newer' home, New Zealand, last month. It is amazing to watch her make her rounds when she is here.  And it's frightening to watch her when she's under this roof.  I think I'm a clean person but I'm having my doubts now. As we were settling down watching TV (she was excited to see the current Modern Family   TV series because it runs almost three months later in NZ),  she picked up the remote and said it was gross.  Well, it's my grossness she's complaining about and I'm kind of used to it. The device has my finger prints on it, my food marks on it, and my hand prints all over it.  "Go get me the Simple Green."  Yes, ma'am.  I don't argue with her.  "Go get me a clean rag."  Yes, ma'am.  "This is disgusting."  She told me to work on the leather love seat that is made up of twin recliners.  "It'