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My washer went kaput.

Last Saturday.  I was bummed.  It had dirty water that wouldn't drain. I decided I couldn't ignore it any more.  I found the manual.  It was me against the washer on a Sunday morning before church.  Ut oh.  I didn't read the part that I should drain the pump filter about every ten washes.  Let's see.  I had the set for about four years.  Times 3 per week.  That translates into 624 washes.  And I never even noticed the pump filter.  Oh well. Take a coin and open up the pump filter at the bottom of the front of the washer.  Hhmm.  Then pull out the small drain hose and unplug that so the water drains out.  The instructions say I'll need a 'vessel'.  It didn't say whether it was a boat-like vessel or some other container.  But the hose was only about five inches long.  Unless I wanted to lift up the whole washer I couldn't get even a small 'vessel' to catch the water. I know, I'll bail the water out of the drum.  Thank goodness the w