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Who's calling?

How many times have you heard...'your call is important to us.' Then pick up the damn phone! Of course I don't know who 'US' is. 'US' is just a nom de plume, for Nobody Cares. I hate business voice mail systems. They are designed to confuse you so you won't leave a message. And if by some chance you do leave a message, it's safe to say you won't get a call back. So why bother? The miracle may happen. The lady on the other end, who sounds so full of hope (to me) may decide she can make my day, unless she wants to break my day. Oh that's right. She's not really there. The voice is never a man. Not on the airlines, not at the electric company, not at ATT or at Verizon. This lady is giving the rest of us ladies a bad name and a bad attitude.  I am known for my ability to identify a voice.  If I ever see that woman....I'm not sure what I'll do.  But I bet it may be the first time she's been identified in public.