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Car bucks...boat bucks.

I say, That's a pretty expensive part, there. He says , Well not really.  It's under five hundred dollars.   I say, Oh, that's right.  I think , Who made that rule up? Ah, the way the auto mechanic thinks!  $499 here and $299 there.  That's cheap!  Each part is under $500 bucks.  Hardly counts as anything! I've taken my car into the Audi repair shop the last two Thursdays.  I knew I bought a high performance car in 2003.  Now I'm thinking it's high expensive! It started with new tires last month.  I had a flat.  But it was time to get a set of four.  Big O Tires only sells me tires.  They don't do alignments.  And there was no way I was going to the dealer.  I stopped that silliness years ago. So I called Audi Eddy.  He's my go-to guy.  Way back, my daughter suggested I look up Audi mechanics in the Berkeley Parents Network.  He was the guy to use.  He said they did alignments now so bring the car in!     He says, Everything else o