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Car bucks...boat bucks.

I say, That's a pretty expensive part, there.
He says, Well not really.  It's under five hundred dollars.   I say, Oh, that's right. 
I think, Who made that rule up?

Ah, the way the auto mechanic thinks!  $499 here and $299 there.  That's cheap!  Each part is under $500 bucks.  Hardly counts as anything!

I've taken my car into the Audi repair shop the last two Thursdays.  I knew I bought a high performance car in 2003.  Now I'm thinking it's high expensive!

It started with new tires last month.  I had a flat.  But it was time to get a set of four.  Big O Tires only sells me tires.  They don't do alignments.  And there was no way I was going to the dealer.  I stopped that silliness years ago.

So I called Audi Eddy.  He's my go-to guy.  Way back, my daughter suggested I look up Audi mechanics in the Berkeley Parents Network.  He was the guy to use.  He said they did alignments now so bring the car in!   

 He says, Everything else okay? I say, Sure.…