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What sport are you good at?

I admit it.  I'm not great at any thing.  To watch these people so dedicated to being Olympians - those are amazing lives.  And it is a life, the only life.  I can clean.  I like things neat and tidy.  Do they have an Olympic sport in cleaning?  How about cleaning up after the Olympians.  I could do that.  I like to ride my bike but I'm not into hills or racing.  I like cruising around town, or the perimeter of San Francisco.  Remember, I don't do hills but I can do a few to be close to the bay. I have been known to ski.  Not fast.  Is there an event for drinking hot chocolate up on the mountain? How about timed floating?  I swim in the ocean for about 45 minutes non-stop twice a day when I'm in Maui. But I can really turn it on when I see something weird in the water, like an octopus, or an eel. And that brings me to my golf game.  Carl and I started with Woody when our son was out of high school and our daughter was at college.   We decided we needed to do