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Make the stuff stuff-less

"I've reclaimed my life.  I have eliminated the last 40 years of the waste in my life."

 Note, she did not say she'd eliminated her life, or her memories, but the WASTE in her life. 

Mary is a dear friend who I think of as The Second The Hallmark Store.  She was clearing things out a few years ago (it has been a long process).   She fully admits she has a mantra - she won't send anybody a card, although she buys cards.  So I happily, and freely, took collections of blank, gorgeous cards, and wonderful unopened notes from her own Hallmark Store. There were 100's of cards!  And I used them.

This recent go-round, she actually tossed over 19 years of received, one-way correspondence, out the door and into recycling.  She's the neatest collector of all things once valuable: like college papers (her own for her undergraduate degree and for her Masters);  and college brochures and curriculum books, because she had a business as a college adviser (for those …