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Federal Pacific Electrical boxes

Sometimes I just need to bring my business into this blog...but it's about life and well, here it is!    I have clients who called me a handful of years ago.  They had just had a fire.  What?  Are you okay?  Yes, we are and we were at home when it happened.  Oh my gosh! This doesn't get any more exciting than that!  But who wants that kind of excitement!  So I wanted to push it out to folks that these electrical boxes can be very dangerous!  It came to mind when I was talking to a listing agent in Oakland today, and she said the buyers had a concern about a Federal Pacific Electrical Box at a house she was selling to them.   I said she had better take that seriously because I had clients who had one catch on fire! Now, as a real estate broker (associate), I have had hundreds of inspections by a variety of inspectors, and not one of them has heard of one going up on flames but they do say they can be dangerous.  I tell them it happened to my friends at their townhom