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The second happiest day of my life.

I had a serious talk with God a week ago Tuesday.  Most of my talks are usually telling God what I want him to do.   But Tuesday, I decided the talk was one way.  So I decided to listen. I wanted to sell my boat, the Hubba Hubba.  I kind of inherited the Hubba Hubba, after my husband passed on and his boat-partner decided it was too much hassle. That photo was about 8 years ago when I had it completely wooded (all the paint taken off on a full wooden boat).  It was a glorious day for the old gal, a 1966 Chris Craft, twin engine (305 HP V8's).   I figure in boat years the 1966 birthdate translates, in boat infinity!  Work never stops, unless I just choose to ignore it.  I figure it cost me $2000 per hour to run it last year.  Not so good. I had tried to do it my way.  Between Craig's List, e-Bay, trying to give it to charity (rules have changed and they have to keep it for two years), tried to give it to the Sea Scouts...they never returned my call