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Reality? hhhmm...maybe not.

Hello.  You've reached the Schumachers.  We're either in or we're out.  Leave a message!  Make it work!  Carry  on!  Auf wiedersehen!   (To me those last words sound like veedershen, in my world.) You have just read how my message machine answers my home phone line.  Those are lines from Project Runway.  I love that show!  I came across it by accident when I was channel surfing probably at least four years ago.  I'm not Heidi Klum, but I could 'make it work' on my machine! What's hysterical is that many friends call and they just crack up over it - each time.  And there are the first-timers who don't know what to say when they listen to it.  And of course the mystery calls, the ones that are machine-dialers only...and they miss the whole thing because they don't have a brain. I do have an affinity for reality TV shows.  That's not to say it's an addiction.  Just an affinity.  BUT I don't care for those shows that feature hollering o