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Wanna come to a party?

Ut-oh.  It's going to be a loud Saturday afternoon.  And probably a louder Saturday night.  It's not even 2pm and the noise is on the rise.  Did they have a live band?  Maybe it was just fake...not the real stuff but already taped, recorded, cd'ed, perhaps a very beefed up iPad running through very, very beefed up speakers. Gads, I hope it's not like those other adult kids who take over their folks' house when they're gone.  They really are stupid, both the parents and the kids.  The cops show up and shut the kids down when they go waay into the morning. My curiosity got  the best of me and I got on my bike to follow the sound, around the corner and on the next block.  There was a group gathering.  As I rode by I tried to look like I wasn't looking.  Fast forward... A few hours later I was washing my car.  The party was a wedding reception.  It sounded like hundreds but it was only fifty 30-somethings, I later found out.   They played Frank Sinatra an