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Driving me crazy - Interstate 5!

When you've got kids, a van, lots of stuff, and need to see the grandparents (both sets lived in Newport Beach), you pile in and drive to the hometown on Interstate 5.  At the time it was cheaper to take four wheels (gas) than to travel by two wings (airfare).  Plus, like George Carlin says, "You gotta have your stuff"   (scroll down on the link) and we for sure couldn't pay for the whole plane. Interstate 5....I have never heard anybody who has said how lovely that drive is through California.  In the summer it's freakin' hot.  In the winter there is tule fog and you slowly grind your way forward or sit still.  And all year long there is the cow stench, stink, and smell at Harris Ranch.  Besides, it's boring.  There are too many fast food joints but there are plenty of gas and rest stops. As I pondered the old days and ways, my mind went to three events I/we had on Interstate 5. One was the family trip during the 1984 Olympics in LA.  Everybody said s