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Toni - she just gets life.

I have a friend, Toni. We've known each other for about 14 years, maybe more, maybe less. We get to meet every seven weeks or so. It was probably every five weeks earlier on. The meeting is optional, but it usually happens. Sometimes she'll bring coffee. Since I don't drink coffee, I sometimes have water. It's very friendly meeting. Sometimes it's catty.  I remember it took some time to warm up to her. We have several people who know us but they don't see us together. But she is the salt of the earth, and heaven too. We've gone through so much together.  Her single-mother-ness, her marriage, her divorce, our kids, their sports, the money, deaths in our families, our cars, our jobs, our money (again), our dreams.   When my husband passed on, it was the quietest I had ever heard her. I mean, she hardly whispered, and she's usually quite vocal. She never asked about the circumstances...and I didn't volunteer much of anything.  I think