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It's the little things....that make a big impression.

I'm amazed at how much I don't / I can't /I won't do on my own.  I don't do them because I don't know how.  I can't do them because they are too dangerous.  I won't do them because they are gross.  Ssooo... I've been amazed this week.  I'm amazed at Ethan the Plumber.  He comes to my door wearing a long rubber apron and with elbow-length gloves.   "Let me at that sump pump!" He is willing to get, well, disgusting.  He has some very funny plumber lines (as in laughs, not the pipes). I'm amazed at Rudy (Golden Gate Sheet Metal) the furnace man.  He got the ductwork attached which had fallen into the abyss of the sub-area.  There is nothing like a heating up a cold, dirt-ridden, empty space to a toasty 69 degrees, when it's freezing in the house.   I would have wrapped those big long, thick snakes in duct tape, but I learned from him that duct tape goes bad in a short time.   Hhmm...who knew? I'm amazed at Chris, the h