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Drive by....move on.

On Facebook the other day, I looked at the photo of the house and thought it was one of the houses I grew up in!  And it was.  But it wasn't.  If we played the Match Game, it would be a perfect fit. Instead it was its twin or quadruple or maybe one hundred forty-ish of the same floor plan.  My folks always bought tract homes. Joe, a classmate in school, posted that he got to talking to a man seated next to him on an airplane.  Turns out that guy bought Joe's family's house, and they invited him over anytime to check it out.  And then a lot of people commented that they lived in Eastbluff, too! I made a suggestion on FaceBook that those of us who lived in the Eastbluff development of Newport Beach, back in the mid 60's, should have a reunion. Then I got thinking.  What if we did have a reunion?  Kind of spontaneously showed up as a group at each of our old houses, without telling the current owners?  If they were home, would they see us standing there...either