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I'm over the election and the election hasn't happened.

Are you tired of the political ads?  Are you ready to have a lot less mail in your post box?  Would you like to watch TV without fast forwarding through the political lies, just going back to fast-forwarding through the dumb and/or the creative commercials?  I can't believe that every car commercial looks so good to me...and I don't even want a car! Well, they've done it again and I am tired and worn out by our politicians.  That's one reason I choose to vote by mail!  Yes, I supposed I'm taking a risk in not knowing the ballot is not stuffed into the ballot box by me, instead relying on the US Post Office to get the ballot out from the mailbox. On the other hand, there's no guarantee that the ballot box will be delivered to the counting people at the county.  But I'll take my chances.  I think it's worth it.  I mailed my ballot last Thursday.  What a relief! Are you sick of the lies?  How about those California ballot measures? Do you want pe