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Dancing with Dyson

I couldn't believe my eyes!  I owned something in Architectural Digest! And it wasn't an ad...well, I couldn't afford any of the paper their ads are printed on, much less the product.  It was really there and I had it! I had just been reading the monthly regular feature about houses...and the ones with huge price tags on them.  I was telling all this to Nancy, my mani/pedi expert.  She was planning how to paint snow scenes on my other friend, Linda's, toes, when she got there after me.   We talked about how houses here in CA were worth more and were smaller than the Irish mansion with 46 bedrooms (or something like that) and 25 bathrooms (or something like that).  We decided that even though the mansion was only about $11,900,000US it would be way too expensive to rent rooms out there.  And the time to do the maintenance!  The place needed some (serious) work!  And how about that yard...I mean acreage, to keep trimmed!  I'd have to turn in my weed whacker and