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Holiday help....

I hate items that are a mess in stores.  I would imagine that others do, too. Recently I was at Costco.  No extra buying for me there.  I can walk in for a roasted chicken and walk right out with only a roasted chicken.  When I went to look for a Vanity Fair magazine to bring to my daughter in New Zealand, she had said she'd found them previously at Costco for a good price.  Vanity Fair is not a good price in the US but it's about 50% more in NZ, so I guess it's a good deal in America. I found the magazine rack and spent over 30 minutes there.  Nothing was in order.  Everything was a mess.  I sorted but I couldn't figure out the pattern there.  Oh, that's right...there was no pattern there.  The customers and/or their kids decided to take every magazine and just toss it anywhere.   I completely organized the whole thing.  Nobody got close to me while I was working.  I was on a mission.  And after I completed my new freebie job at Costco, I could not find one