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I re-solve

Alrighty...I have some resolutions for this coming year. 1. I'll be using up all the little bottles that I insist on taking from my Westin timeshare(s) in Maui and Kauai, and from various hotels (like the St. Regis and those bottles are really nice).  It is like I'm running a garage sale from by bathroom but I'm the only one who comes.  (How do you do that?)  So many of them, and so few places to put them.  I've got shampoo, body lotion, cream rinse, and I expect there might be some food in there too.  I'll feel good about recycling them after they are used up. Throw them away?  I don't think so. 2. I will quit obsessing about how clean my house is.  (Well, I think I need to say this but I don't think I'm going to do it.) 3. My mom gave me a small calendar in 1992.  It is a nifty saying each day (without the actual day).  She used to keep it in one of their bathrooms, and I've kept it in mine.  I mean, where else can you slow down for a few