I re-solve

Alrighty...I have some resolutions for this coming year.

1. I'll be using up all the little bottles that I insist on taking from my Westin timeshare(s) in Maui and Kauai, and from various hotels (like the St. Regis and those bottles are really nice).  It is like I'm running a garage sale from by bathroom but I'm the only one who comes.  (How do you do that?)  So many of them, and so few places to put them.  I've got shampoo, body lotion, cream rinse, and I expect there might be some food in there too.  I'll feel good about recycling them after they are used up. Throw them away?  I don't think so.

2. I will quit obsessing about how clean my house is.  (Well, I think I need to say this but I don't think I'm going to do it.)

3. My mom gave me a small calendar in 1992.  It is a nifty saying each day (without the actual day).  She used to keep it in one of their bathrooms, and I've kept it in mine.  I mean, where else can you slow down for a few minutes and ponder these things?

For December 31 it says 'Change your thoughts and you will change your world.'  That's the best!

4.  I would like to add another saying for maybe leap year.  'Remember things as they were...not as I want them to be.'  I tend to do re-remember things and trick myself.  Get over it, Marilyn.

5.  I will cease buying the Kleenex brand.  I will buy the Safeway brand of tissues, Softly, because they work and don't fall apart in my hands.  I have actually tested this stuff.  Kleenex has gone wimpy.

6.  I will continue to buy Bonnie Bell 10-0-6, a skin cleaner I have used since 1966.  And since I can't get it in stores, I can buy it online.  I don't care if there is alcohol in it.  I don't drink it anyway.  It has a new name...something like So Totally Clean.  I just ordered 3 bottles, not to be confused with #1 above.

7.  I think about how computers took 10 minutes to load up one photo and Carl and I would just ooh and ah as it filled in each line.  It makes me have patience when I don't get stuff on my computer in 2 seconds.  Or my iPad in 2 seconds.  Or my iPhone in 2 seconds.  Once again...get over it, Marilyn.

8.  Please advertisers....I am tired of hearing how much weight I can lose in 3 days.  How many boyfriends I can have on Match.com (you know you can see your matches, but I was told you can't see their faces?)  What's with that?  And how much I can save on a new car.  If I want the services I will call YOU.

9.  I am amazed at how much my stuff is all online...very little paper filing.  Thank goodness for Dropbox.  I got rid of Mozy, another cloud storage device. (Sounds pretty techie, right?  Not so much.)

10.  Last year I resolved to do this blog once per week, except for when I either indisposed or away.   I completed 45 postings and 12 drafts based on ideas.  I started this in December in Maui in 2010.  I have 86 postings in the past two years that I started this.  For me that was an accomplishment.

11.  I will be grateful for all that I have - my religion (what would I do without it), my adult kids, my friends, my veggie garden, my bike, my car, my house, my tenants, my vendors, my.....well everything.  And especially those who read this.  And give me feedback.  And laugh.  And sometimes cry after I write something that makes me bawl.

And I'd like to finish this up with a fine Christmas photo of my son, and his brother in law, doing dishes in Napa on Christmas Day for 22 people.  It's bound to be a classic, with those lovely aprons.  I'll need to write a poem about it for next year.

Live richly. Really live richly.  marilyn


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