The winner is....

Why do I do it?  I put myself in this situation every time it happens.  I cry when I am sure I won't.  Everything is a complete (not always) surprise.  I wait on everything as though I've never heard it or seen it before. I did it again last weekend.  Thumbing through the TV channels and there was one of them.

It's Oscar time! I do not get too carried away with Hollywood honoring themselves.  Usually I don't watch the Oscars.  But I like to go backwards with it...whether the movies received any Oscars or not.  I'm not too hard to please.  Just give me something sweet, a little bit of savory, a tad of tartness, and some serious eye-watering and I'm good to go!

Sleepless in Seattle is my favorite movie.  And I suppose I must admit that I love You've Got Mail.  And I suppose it all started for me with the great film flick  When Harry Met Sally.  These are total chick flicks.  Comm--pletely!

I must love Norah Effron, who wrote the screen plays and directed the first two.  I heard an interview with Norah on NPR's Fressssh Air (my spelling) with Terry Gross.   Norah, died this past year.  I hope she wouldn't mind me calling her Norah.  I feel like I know her.  But I didn't.

Those movies have perfect matches made in heaven.  Tom Hanks with Meg Ryan in two of them.  Billy Crystal with Meg Ryan in one of them.  I wonder about the actors.  Are they that nice?  Do they keep it all together in their perfect worlds?  I know they make me believe it.  That's their job.  And I know I buy into the plan hook, line, and sinker.

Each one of those flicks has great music too.  It's all upbeat...until the last of You've Got Mail, where Tom Hanks shows up with his dog, Brinkley, in the park, and I cry all over again...every damn time! Ahh, you just  know they've each been hoping that the other one is the one who shows up...and, it is.

What is 'movie perfect'?  Does it ever happen in real life?  I don't think so.  That's probably why I like these movies so much as an observer. It all turns out.  Everybody is happy.  Each city is just right from New York to Seattle to Chicago to New York again.   And I get a good cry out of them too.

Somewhere, over the rainbow....anybody else have ideas on good chick flicks?  Guys can answer too!

Live richly,  marilyn


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