I did it to myself.  Usually I say no.  But occasionally I let one talk to see how good or bad the selling pitch is.   So I listened to him.  My fault.  I gave him (yes, I know I'm to blame) one hour on the phone the next day when we were both at our computers.  He assured me I wouldn't forget it.  He was right about that!

He works for a company that sells a system ($500 off this month) that can allow folks to find my biz page on FaceBook.  First, $500 off?  How much is this magic potion?

Second, my biz page on Facebook?  How many 'friends' do I have to share to get their friends and then their friends, and then their friends to look at my biz page?  Somehow the number got up to 6000 friends of friends of friends.  That alone was a deal killer.

I don't know how hungry this guy was but he was like a pit bull biting my leg.  It was hard to shake him off.  He was going to be there until I clubbed him (or hung up on him).    And of course when he brought up the pathetic commission he makes on one sale, that was another story.

Then I said...'You know I really don't want this.  I don't like it and it doesn't fit into what my goals are.'  'But Marilyn, don't you see how it can help you?'  'No.  I don't want to be rude but you are forcing me to act that way.  My mom said never to be rude on the phone. But she's not here and I'm going to be rude right now.'  Buh bye!

I had the same experience in Maui last December....with some timeshare sales people.  I was on vacation, toward the end.  I was relaxed and I wanted a few extra points in my account, so I let the gal show me everything I already knew about the place. 

And then   ----    there were two of them in their office in my face.  I decided to watch how they worked me over.  I simply said I didn't want to spend any extra money and if they could show me how to do that with out spending ANY EXTRA money, I'd be willing to listen.  And they tried everything in (and out of) the book to show me what they could do.  And I just calmly said...no, that doesn't work for me.  I got out of there in three hours.  I went to the beach for the afternoon.  Whew!

This is what I don't get about 'sales'.  So many sales people aren't listening!  They aren't taking the clues either verbally or in person!  I don't think I'm going to get a re-visit from the first company's  leader.  And I already said to the Westin people who followed up with me that I'd be glad to speak to the CEO any time about the product and their sales people. 

See, I think their product is very good.  I have a bunch of Westin timeshares.  In fact, I love them!  But their sales people are beautiful idiots.  Why don't they just move on to the next guest (notice I don't say victim)?  Ask them if they want to buy?  Yes or no or maybe.  That's about all the info they would need to decide which track to take.  If it's a numbers game, they are better running through the #'s than sitting there with one person who has already said...no. 

On the other hand...I received an email from a painter this week who has a painting company.  He would like my business, knowing that I have clients who can use what he has to offer.  But this email was different.  It was titled 'A personal note from Steady Hand Painting.'

He said they had use an email service the past year but without much luck.  He decided to try it on his own.  And I answered.

I said I like what he wrote and if it was true what he said I'd consider referring him to my clients.  I told him I had him in my database already.  I also suggested that he include three photos of his finished product into the email, so real estate agents/brokers could get a slight clue of what his people do.

He wrote back and said that he had quite a few responses, where he previously had none.  He thought the photos were a great idea and he'd do it.  And he appreciated me taking the time to answer.  

I learned a lot of lessons this week.  Mostly what I don't want to do.  And I had time to reinforce what I do want to do.  And it's not selling.  It's serving.  It is so fun and so rewarding and just so much better. 

Live richly (and serve),  marilyn


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