Best in show...who let the dogs out?

It makes me smile.  They are perfect.  They are obedient.   They are never not nice.  They have peeps (handlers, breeders, owners).  They rule the house.  They rule their world.  And I don't have one.

Yep, the annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show has recently come and gone.  I wanted to record it but I forgot.  Then I flipped on the TV and there was the final judging!  I got to see the best of the bunch!  This annual spectacle is amazing.  I don't really understand how many shows the canines have to go through to get to the finals.  I also don't understand the papers they must have.  But the big one...that's what I watch.

The announcer at this event sounds like he could work a show at a world class ice skating competition and/or at a world cup dance competition.  He's majestic.  He commands obedience.  I feel like I should sit and not get up until he tells me to.

My favorite dog this year was the Old English sheepdog by the name of Swagger.   He was number 9 and 20 months old.  Swagger is too gorgeous, too big, too furry, too cute.

  Swagger apparently has no eyes.  He seems to follow his handler's lead, who has some type of kibble bits in his fists.  And he must shed like crazy.  I can only imagine how many times I'd have to empty my vacuum canister after sucking up his fur from the living room.   

 Westminster dog show
 Swagger, an Old English sheepdog, won best in the herding group at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. (Frank Franklin II / Associated Press / February 12, 2013)

The Portuguese Water Dog was a finalist.  We had a friend on the east coast who had one of these.  The dog hated the water.  He wouldn't even go near it!   Ralph had one of my late husband's original yacht designs, so they went over the water, not in it.  They were great together, on or off the land.

I loved what the booth announcer said during the last trot around the ring for all the puppies.  "This is the moment you want your dog to have that divine moment of inspiration for you."  I would certainly  hope so - so much money, so many people, so much travel, much!

When I remember to watch next year I'll dig out the stuffed toy sheep dog that we gave to our daughter.  Looked very real.  And I'll finish off the evening with a watch of Best in Show.

For now, though, I'll continue to follow my rule.  I don't rush dogs.  I let dogs come to me.  It's kind of like kids.  Give them space and they'll want to be near you.

And I'll continue to enjoy Hazel, my occasional house guest, who is my grand-dog.  No Westminster prize for her.  But this adopted Ridgeback mix is spoiled by tons of love from Evan and Erin.  And the occasional rip-it-up toy from me.
 Live richly,  marilyn


  1. Marilyn, just started reading through your posts and you already have me falling out of my chair with laughter. I've subscribed and can hardly wait for the next one. This picture of Hazel is fantastic! Big hugs, Paula

    1. Paula! Thanks for the comments....and for the re-connect!


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