Shhh...don't tell anybody!

I will admit to these mistakes.  I can't help but believe that I'm not the only one who makes them.  I mean, these days there is so much to manipulate, fuss-about-with, and just plain moan outloud (when I'm by myself).

Here goes~

I have tried to dial (as in dialing the phone, which very few of us do these days) so maybe I should say punch my i-Phone.  Except it is not my phone.  It is my universal remote control (for the TV, Blu Ray, Radio, etc etc).  And I wonder why nothing is happening to the person I'm calling?  Hello?  H-E-L-L-O?

More than once I have attempted to lick envelopes to seal them, and they didn't stick closed.  Turns out they already had a piece of tape on them that you tear off and then seal it.  Nothing to lick.  (I bet you thought I was going to say I forgot to put the contents into the envelope!  HA!  Not yet.)

In my office I have a landline to my right, and usually put my cell phone to my left.  I have a headset on my landline and earbuds on my cell phone.  I am caught in my own web of wires while I try to answer one or the other.  Solution?  Don't have a landline.  Not sure I'm quite there yet.

I have often held my iPhone to my TV and wondered why the TV has not come on.  Hello?  Anybody there on the TV?  H-E-L-L-O?

I have actually thrown my unread mail into the recycle bin.  I obviously have too much stuff in my hands. Thank goodness I have not done this into the green bin that holds nasty foodscraps.

I have different TVs in different rooms.  They all have the same type of remote.  They don't all work all the TVs.  They only work on just one TV.  This cost me $75 for the man to come out and show me this.  ARGH!  They are now each marked so it/I know where it works.

I know some of you have driven off with cups on the tops of your cars?  Right?  How many actually get to the place in your town with the cup still on it!  Yes, I have.  Waving to everybody I don't know along the way - all trying to tell me what I've done.

Did you know that the keypad on a calculator is not the same number set up on your phone?  Have you tried to accurately add anything up using the phone method?  I think not!

Recently I was going play a DVD on my multi-function media center.  I do it so seldom that I had to seriously look over all the devices to see if I had a player. And then try to figure out how it worked.  It worked quite easily.  Need to get some good DVDs, now that I know it won't take me 45 minutes to try and load one.

Here's another one.  I set the electronic timer in the kitchen.  And then I forget to push the button to make it go.  A few burnt dishes have been the result.  It's so sad when it's a dessert.  I love desserts.

Live richly,  marilyn


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