BS'ers of America

Being a BS'er is an art.  It takes skill....big time!  And I know several who are masters at it! 

My step sister is really good.  My daughter is super fine.  Sean, her husband puts up with the BS'ers.  My husband was too nice.  But he had stories.  Son Evan has not let the BS'ers affect him.  His wife, Erin, brings the BS'ers into their lives, but to my knowledge, doesn't flaunt it.

It all came to mind when I looked back at some emails that step-sister Debbie and I exchanged last year and she mentioned it.  I don't usually look at email so dated, but I was searching for something in particular....and there was the reminder.

I'm talkin' about Big Sisters!  And you don't necessarily have to be the oldest of the could be second or third in the family long as you have someone below you.

We've got some dear friends and they've formed a group called the Little Brothers.  Included in that group is my son and my husband, and one who has been adopted into an honorable membership position, because she was tired of being a Little Sister.  They can at least find comfort as a group. 

Carl used to tell me that his big sister would threaten to ram his head into the wall if he beat her at Monopoly!  Maybe that is why is was basically docile (and I loved him for it).

I'm far away geographically, and don't have deep relationships with my brothers.  I have had no control over them for many decades.  However, when my oldest (of 3 younger brothers) was about to enter  high school I reminded him, in no uncertain terms, to not notice me, not to say my name, and that we weren't related.  I now think that was a bit harsh.  Maybe.

But the one I use as an example is my daughter, Sutter.  She has brought the Big Sister gig into other parts of her life.  She's a project manager.  I thought, back in the day, the title was used in the construction biz.  Not so much.  Beside graduating with a degree in Mass Communications, this job has a very real title, with a very strong set of educational courses behind it.

When I'm asked what my female child does,  I say she is the ultimate Big Sister.  She has the privilege of being paid to boss high-tech people (mostly men) around, and speak their language.  She tells them what to do, when to do it, and what the punishment is if they don't do it.  (Well, I made the last sentence up.  But she could do it).

So many have so much to be proud of...making it through some phase of his or her being, striving to become so independent and self-assured, surviving the BS'er experience.. 

The 'younger' ones most likely have shed the BS shadow, if there ever was one.  The joke is on the illusion of the BS'ers.

Live richly, marilyn


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