The green bin - morphing into mold.

OMG....I looked inside of the large green bin last night before I hauled it out to the street curb for the pick-up this morning.  It wasn't just disgusting, it was really gross.  It was a science experiment in how many colors of the rainbow were seen at night, when the lid is lifted!  I believe the interior was actually glowing but I closed the top quickly due to the stench and the bugs! UGH! 
I needed to figure out how to clean it and debug it.  It just kind of morphs into molds, housing fresh flying insects, and waits until some body or some thing hauls it away forever. 

How to get the bin cleaned this morning, after it's emptied but before the landscape guys come along and fill it up with the cuttings?  I need to get up early to beat them to the mostly empty bin with the stuff stuck on the bottom and sides.  I can get up early.  I don't necessarily like it, but I can do it.

What to wear to get into the depths? My filthy jeans, that have graced me on my bike around a loop about 10 miles, along the bay, 3 times this week, would be perfect.  I'd put on my non-tennis-playing shoes.  And an oversized shirt that I usually wear when nobody is looking.  Rubber gloves...those got tossed when I cleared out the sink downstairs.  Everything would either end up in the washer, or into another bin wrapped in plastic so the stink wouldn't get out.

What I didn't plan on is how many people were up so early.  A neighbor was waiting for painters to start power washing her house.  Another neighbor was watching his house get painted.  A tenant of mine was taking her mom somewhere.  The garbage guys came to empty the gray bins and
watched me clean out the green one but I was taking too long so they moved on.

I felt guilty about how much water I was using with my version of a fire hose, to shoot the stuff of the mucky walls lined with white/gray grossness.  I returned to the living after surviving the head first trip into a worse-than-muddy, endless pit.  I was grateful to get out.

Scraping off the gunk and then pouring it into a pile that looked like dog poop (gag factor), stopping it before it flowed down the curb and into the sewer system, I carefully pushed it by broom into my trusty leaf catcher.

Using the certified BioBags I get at Bed Bath and Beyond, I wrapped it all up like an expert butcher wraps and ties up a rack of lamb, placed it into a double bag, gently on the bottom of the clean(er) bin so it wouldn't break. The broom and leaf catcher got washed.

Note to self: paying for the food bags is worth it.  I need to use them all the time!  And the neighbors are so nice early in the morning, and awake, and friendly!  I'll definitely get up early again when those bins need washing.  Hopefully not for a long time.

Live richly,  



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