Tools I use...

I have big old windows at this house.  I use a big old ladle to unlock and lock the kitchen window.  The ladle fits the window lock just right. It allows me great flexibility to not get too flexible by climbing up onto the counter.  It is an excellent tool.

I love smoothies as we move into summer!  Super fresh, super cold!  But my Magic Bullet is not an ice crusher.  Sooo...I have a newer looking hammer from my tool bucket, resting  on the butcher block section of my kitchen counter.  It just stays there until I call it to do double duty.  With hardly any effort, and with the ice in a plastic bag, I gently tap the ice cubes.  I expect that I could use that hammer to lock and unlock that kitchen window if I ever lose that ladle.  This too, is an excellent tool.

But this morning I had a big problem.  My printer decided it was hungry and started chewing up paper like it was a shredder.  Not good.  After some attempts to wrestle with it, I called the Computer Guy (that's what he calls himself on his card).  He is quite amazing.  He can work all things Mac and Windows (except I already have tools for my own kitchen window).  So l left him a message.

I was quite pleased with myself.  No swearing.  No big huffing.  Just calm and purposeful.  I pulled out the printer back, the front, lifted the top, peered into the back workings...and all I saw was small pieces of paper.  Not good at all.   So I got the best small tool ever out of my desk drawer... tweezers! Note I didn't get the tweezers from the bathroom drawer.  It was the desk drawer by my left leg.  I have used them before on different projects.

Slowly, all the little bitty bits of paper were tweezed out.  But the printer still didn't all.  Hhhmm.  Stuff was still stuffing the machine.

Two times I had the printer on but all it did was grind its gears, like a person grinds teeth.  At two points I put my chin down on my desk, while sitting in my chair, looking into the vast insides of my printer, listening to its gyrations and wondering what is going on in there?  I felt like a dog who wants a pet on the head from someone who isn't in the mood and simply snuggles up to a friend.  But I didn't have a friend.  I had a jammed printer.

After about 10 minutes of doing nothing, my printer jumped to life!   I had canceled the five print jobs I had in the queue. The Computer Guy called me back!  The printer was doing its warm up exercises (really). I kept the Computer Guy on the line while it started printing pages. I also took advantage of the situation to clean up the gross ugly mess under the printer.  Where does that junk come from?  All was well!

At noon I had an appointment with the lady who takes care of my face every so often.  She tweezed some junk off my face.  She looked closely and then pulled out a hair.  Then another.  I decided not to question about how else the La Princesse ladies used tweezers.

I decided to keep my tweezers for my printer, and the lady can use hers for my face.

Live richly,  marilyn


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