Get on board...

I love taking trains.  No, I don't do it often at all.  But I'm not invited on this train trip.

This week I read about a type of train ride.  This was from The Daily Good, a blog I subscribe to thanks to my daughter Sutter.  (How does she find this stuff?)

This is a 10 day train ride in refurbished mid-century cars.  They stop at pre-determined locations during the day, and travel by night.  They all must have a project that is approved by the coordinators, and  'crowd-funded' (as in raising $5000 each by July 1 to pay for expenses).  Millennials are the passengers.  That's right. Younger folk.  It sounds fascinating.

I don't think I could pass as a Millennial (duh).  And I don't think they need train-car-moms or chaperones.  One of the generations involved have been there (with 'adults' supervising them in their younger years).  The other generation has done that (I'm so over it with the kids).  

But the idea is fascinating to me.  When I go to conventions or meetings, I have often thought about the stored-up knowledge in the talking heads that address us, and the sitting heads taking it  in (or shining it on).

The speakers speak so quickly these days and don't necessarily require feedback.  Actually that's what Ted-Ex talks do.  They promptly move you through situations and how one has solved them, or observed them.  And those are genius.  

In my dreams I think about getting like-minded people together in a room for the better part of the day.  They start out chatting but it quickly turns into solutions that these people are searching for.  Groups form and dissipate.  Groups regroup.  The whole room eventually enters the conversation.  There's not a leader, per se.

Age has no place here.  It's ideas.  And execution.  And maybe 'they' break back into small groups again.

Good food is brought in, and people can pick at it or hoard it down.  Chairs are around the room but no tables.  Nobody leaves.  Because they don't want to. And if they need a restroom break...they come back in.  Because they like it.

By the way, there are no 'devices.'  These people can live with out incessant interruptions.  Just listen, speak, collectively toss out ideas, and see what may work.

Somebody fields a question.  Others answer.  There's no bickering.  Just sharing. It doesn't mean there aren't feelings...but the people are honorable and respectful.  And then...

And then it's over.  Just over.  And everybody continues on with their lives...but each participant realizes what a special day that was.  It's not a train ride.  But it could be the ride of the day for those who come.

Sounds like a new style flash-mob.

Live richly, marilyn 


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