This week I was pleasantly surprised at how many emails I read and conversations I heard or had, that were so full of expressions of gratitude.

So...let's put a few 'great' gratitudes down in writing....

C called me to move our two hour dinner chat until next week.  Her son J was coming through...and she wanted to see him (more than me?).  He is working as a flight attendant and loving it and was between hops.  It is a thrill to see how happy she is for him.  And her daughter is working for a college trip next winter to Europe.  Nicer kids would be hard to find.

B is happy!  She is coming from Vancouver to stay with me, on a mission to rescue and find homes for some of her stuff that's been in storage for over two years!  But the best part?  She knows now that she is really good at digital lighting for movies (big blockbusters) and the movie dudes and dudettes are coming to her often and on her terms.  You go, girl!

Mr. J is super-relieved!  He emailed me and a bunch of others, that he is finally free from the wicked witch wife.  It has been years in divorce court.  And it's over. thought, how long will it be until he's married again....this was #3.  He says there is a book to be written.  And with the good news...he's retired - but not dead.  I don't know anybody who snow skies like he does.

Sutter and Sean (daughter and her husband) are looking forward to their to trip to CA from New Zealand where the weather has been rather severe.  Sean doesn't like winter at all.  Summer here they come!  It's been awhile since they drifted upward from the down side of the world.  Nice to be having them here!

Evan and Erin (son and his wife) are looking forward to seeing Sutter and Sean in San Diego!  Plus Erin is raving about the kids in her school that have been on their Washington DC trip!  Ev is home with Hazel, my grand-dog.  Hazy must miss Erin.  And Erin surely misses both of them.

R and C told me, via phone, I must have been feeling their anxiety since they just got into contract on a house, after we sold theirs recently in Alameda!  BUT they are so thrilled with it all...kind of a fixer that they can work with.  And that baby!  Too cute...all of them!

I'm grateful because my neighbor M came over yesterday afternoon and replaced a sky-high light bulb that I could reach, but couldn't undo the fixture.  Light again in the small walk-in closet!

Got a wonderful email from K, with a photo showing their large, narrow back yard has been transformed!  Looking forward to seeing it in person on Sunday.

Got a phone call from Marie at FastSigns yesterday.  My new real estate signs are done a day ahead!  She cracked me up when I went to get them...their printer is slow to print bills (takes 40 seconds instead of 5), but the staff is super fast with the signs!  And so is the graphic artist with the tweaks!

L told me her son graduated from high school a week ago!  She's a single mom and works full time for a city.  She said he's enlisted in the Marines.  He had a chance to play semi-pro soccer, but the $ wasn't great.  I asked her how she felt about it and she said it was bittersweet.  But he'll be working with helicopters because he tested high for that..and he's thinking about the future.  I give him mega props.  Her next child is a girl, 10 years old.  Big changes for all.

J emailed me about comps for her condo.  Good news! She may just get that refi that has been alluding her for the last several years!

A guy called me today who was super nice.  He is a traveling notary.  He'll come to the house with papers to sign.  He was really nice.  How refreshing.

Another K called me to check in tonight because her computer went com-putzky.  She was laughing despite it.  That's nice.

And on and on and on....I actually made a list of these gratitudes there were so many of them.  And I realize the more I write, the more there are to write.  Hhhmm...must be something to that.

Live richly.  Just live.



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