Sporting events...24 hours per day.

This is a sporting time of year for sports fanatics..either watching or participating.

British Open Golf 2013.  Tour de France 2013.  America's Cup 2013.  Transpac Race 2013.  

British Open Golf (except on the muni course)
My son, Evan, showed up for a conference in San Franciso last Sunday and Monday.  He got here about 6pm on Saturday eve, via Southwest Airlines.

The first thing we did....we played 9 holes at the muni golf course in Alameda.  Ev rented junk clubs but he's so positive and eager...he didn't even complain. Well, maybe just a little, after seeing he didn't have any wedges and did have two 6 irons in a very ugly bag.

At that time of evening there aren't many folks out. Some play two balls, and that's what we did.  Two of us played one ball each.  Not good. But it was fun.  I have to remind myself to have fun.

Today I got some invites to two charity golf tournaments.  One is high end and in the hills (more $$), and the other is local (less $). They are in September, two days apart.

I was telling Woody, my golf teacher, about these events.  I worry that I may embarrass myself at the $$ tournament. I think I may have more fun at the $ tournament.

But it will give me an opportunity to get out there and play in preparation for the fun (that I have to remind myself to have) in the name of charity.  We'll see.

Tour de France
Ev gave me a briefing on the finer points of this race. I have not previously watched the bike tour because I didn't know the intricacies of it.  I have read about doping and Lance Armstrong.  He's a jerk.

You can see all the races on TV. I didn't know that.  We watched the huge climb straight up Mount Vantoux. It truly looked like a moonscape.

There are maniac spectators lined up on the race course.  Guys dressed like the devil.  People with wild wigs on.  Folks waving flags right in the cyclists faces.  People trying to race the bike-racers by foot, some with next to nothing on (gee that would scare me if I was on a bike).  Those racers do not even see these people.
Evan told me that his Tour de France fantasy team is performing well for him this year. He really studies the riders, all year long.  On Friday he said his team was 25th out of 10,000 players (teams) throughout the world.  Then we went to 55th place, and then he ooched his way up to 21st.  Is there money in this?

In honor of this event (not really), I ordered a new bike helmet last week.  It is super cool.  Did you know that if your helmet is over 5 years should toss it out?  Mine was 9.

America's Cup
Like Lance Armstrong, Larry Ellison, the last winner of the America's Cup is also a jerk.  But the racing is happening in the Bay, now.  It doesn't have the expected participants but it is spectacular when they do compete.  Sutter and Sean are coming from New Zealand and I hope they get to see the boats race. The Louis Vuitton company is apparently trying to sue Oracle Racing for the lack of yacht participation.

Transpac Race
I was reminded by a friend that another friend was on his first Transpac (race from LA to Diamond Head on Oahu).  So I went to the Transpac website to see which boat he was on, where it was in the race, the winds, and more info.

When I went with Carl and my 4 best boyfriends in 1987 on the Transpac, it seemed quite sophisticated technically.  That was then, and now is not then.  It is a fascinating website.

We did a practice race from Newport Beach to Cabo San Lucas, 800 miles.  It did the job and off we went to Oahu that July.  It was very strange to leave our kids behind on the dock with my folks and Carl's mom....I was thinking "what the hell am I doing?"

I remember one of my real estate friends commented..."You will go crazy on that boat!"  She was wrong. It is a very different situation to be contained on a boat for 11.5 days, with heavy winds against the seas, and then with no wind, barely drifting along.  Six folks trying to make the boat work 24 hours per day.  Minor items breaking.  Sails being ripped to shreds during the first 3 days out.

There were good lessons to learn: to be still and yet be able to laugh, to know when to say something or not. Quiet is usually better. This was the best lesson for me.  If I talked too much the others would have bailed. And I needed them more than they needed me. One of the nicest moments is having a celebration at the halfway point.

We finished 3rd in our Express 37 class, within easy sight of the two front boats ahead of us.  Imagine, crossing 2250 miles across the sea, and meeting up with the competition only 80 - 100 miles away from the destination.  We got in about 1am.

By the time we got to our hotel room and went to sleep, I had to get up to use the 'head'  (on land , the bathroom), I found myself totally rocking from wall to wall, trying to grab onto anything, not being able to stand upright.  I was so used to the motion of the boat for days, it took about a day on land to shake it off.

What a great life I've had....

Live richly...don't rock the boat.  marilyn


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