The fan went round and round until....

it stopped.  Aw, shucks. If it doesn't work on low speed I'll just it up pop a notch to medium. That worked for three days.

Ut-oh. The fan stopped working on medium speed.  It's always been like analog clockwork!  Going round and round very quickly.  Gosh, what's wrong?

Since I use the fan in my bedroom at night, I rarely really look at it.  I just turned it on.  When I moved the fan to the kitchen it was dis-gusting!

I started with old toothbrushes, with the fan over the kitchen sink. That should have gotten the dust/dirt off.  Bad idea.  All it did was spread sticky dust over everything in the kitchen. And the toothbrushes couldn't reach the blades. The grate was too narrow for them

I tried the next item on my hit list. The mini wet-dry vac.  Blew it full blast!  All the dust/dirt did was stay in one place. That was really gross.

There's got to be a way to clean the blades.  Ah-ha!  A small screw.  It looks like it keeps the metal circle secured around the grates so the fan doesn't eat anything or anybody up.

I already owned at least 8 screwdrivers, and over 12. if I count the ones that come with 4-6 drivers per handle. Nothing worked. The screw seemed stripped.  Alrighty, as my daughter says.  I'll attack it tomorrow.

Next day:
I hauled the fan to hardware store.  After a few minutes, the screw was taken out, and the housing was off. I had more parts leaving than coming in, plus the 40 cent screw.

Back home. Got  the blades cleaned and the housing back on.  I guess I forgot to buy the screwdriver.  New screw, old tool.  It was Cleaned and it Worked!

Bummer. I found the new screwdriver in my backpack.  I stole it.  But I didn't use it.  I'm taking it right back tomorrow morning before I'm arrested.

Stay cool, fix stuff, live richly... marilyn 


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