Come meet your new babysitter...

Back in the day...maybe a small kid had a dolly or a truck to drag around.  Now they have a phone and/or device to drag around.

Today they carefully hold a parent's cell phone or other device like a tablet, or small Kindle.  They completely block out everything except the itsy-bitsy screen!

When I see the kids watching a regular TV, trying to swipe the screen to get the image to move off the face of it....I know I've been had.  The remote clicker for my flat screen (but not mobile), TV seems like an antique.  If they saw how I use the clicker they would certainly look at me like a moron from the moon.

Yesterday, I was at at the golf range in the late afternoon.  One of the instructors had set balls in each of the slots to reserve a place for his adult students.  One gentleman brought his two very small kids to watch, not him practicing, but a device with a movie!  And he found he was able to take a golf lesson, totally focused, because his kids were totally focused on a movie.  Occasionally he would turn around to see what the kids were doing...and they were just.... watching the movie.

Over the course of several months,  I was showing houses to a mom and dad after they each had gotten off work, and they brought their two darling kids.  I mean they were darling and super cute.  The oldest was about 4 years old.   She would sit on the floor and either play games or watch movies on the device.  And the little one was watching her, to learn what she needed to do when she was beyond the throwing stage. In the meantime, the little one really liked pulling my hair.

Tonight, the dad and I were talking about issues at the new/old house they bought.  We had a tough time connecting because of static over the cell line.  He said they had bought a house from a Realtor that had lousy cell reception.

Knowing what he was getting at, I told him that I'm sure the Broker they used gave them the disclaimer in her own disclosure that if cell connectivity was a priority, to check it out prior to buying.  I also said I imagine that she said something about if the internet is important to them, to check that out too! (That would be me, who wrote out those disclaimers.)

Then he said the 4 year old had taught herself how to get on Netflix on the device!  My goodness!  That could get expensive.  He wasn't sure how that happened!

Back in the day....our moms ( mine didn't work) would sit us down in front of the big boxy black and white TV.  And before that, a mom from a previous generation, would sit her kids around the big, black radio noise-maker and crackler, so they could see in their minds what was going on.  And before that, a mom or a dad would read books to put kids to sleep.

I well remember how Carl used to read to our kids before they could handle a book.  Now they just handle devices.  But they turned out okay. No, they turned out great.  I sure hope parents still read to their kids. Because that's priceless.

Live richly, marilyn


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