Vanity Fair, The Bachelor, Facebook

1.  Vanity Fair
My daughter hustles to get Vanity Fair when she comes to the US on a visit.  So when I was waiting for a plane flying to Oakland from San Diego, I popped for the most recent issue a few weeks ago and read it on the plane.  I figured I'd take advantage of it because it didn't come cheap!  She says there are very good articles in it.

The ads in Vanity Fair!  I have looked closely at the models and it seems they are barely in their early teens. They appear to limit their caloric intake to 2 calories per day, and drink lots of coffee and water.

Who buys this stuff?  I bet the those Housewives of Dallas, or LA, or NYC, or Miami, or wherever-city USA, indulge themselves.

And speaking of the Housewives...I don't watch them. I breeze by them when I'm channel surfing.  It's about their faces!  I guess once you have a little lift it will make the next couple dozen easier.  My sense of who those ladies think they are must be completely lost when they look in the mirror.

Joan Rivers, thank you for frightening me into not getting a face lift.

2., e-Harmony, and more ads!  This is as frightening as Joan Rivers face!  Every ad for every company lusting after those who want the perfect married life....I think they should really watch the Housewives shows to see how bad it can get.

I admit it.  I watched the most recent Bachelor and Bachelorette shows.  Whatever happened to good old dating, and then dumping the guy or gal and walking away?  And then that Bachelor guy showed up on Dancing With The Stars with his to-be wife in the audience.  Watching him dance was as frightening as seeing... Joan Rivers face!  And I got bored with the Bachlorette..never saw how it ended. It did end, right?

3.  Facebook
My kids call me 'mama like.'  I like everything.  No, I don't like everything. I've learned only to make a comment when I have a valid question, or love the photo, or am taken by the sentiment.  I realize now that when I make a comment, the other subsequent 30 comments show up on my cell phone and I don't need to know what everybody else thinks.  Not good.  No like it.

In fact, I'd like a thumbs up 'like' emoticon on my email.  It's a way of stating something in one symbol.  I would like a like symbol, but I haven't looked for one.

When I do catch up on FB after not seeing anything for a day or three or four...I've found I liked something! But  for the life of me, I do not remember liking that item.  So now I think FB has an algorithm that likes things for me. much info.  Like.

Live richly,  marilyn


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