How's it working out for me?

I am just fine.  What colleagues want to know is is it working out for you?  Is it scary to make such a change after 25 + years at the same company?  Uh, no.

My late husband and I agreed...if we wanted to do anything, we needed to do it ourselves and not play by other's rules.  And for the most part, we did, and I continue to do so.  And so do my adult kids.

I've talked to three different people this week about changes they also made- some recently and others a few years ago.

John told me he was feeling the squeeze between what his boss wanted him to bill for his services versus actually what he wanted to do for service, knowing that the customer would come back for more great service.  He was not a happy camper.  But in order to be a responsible adult  (a wife and two kids) while he was looking for another job...he kept is yacht rigging gig going...on his own.  And it turned out he loved being the boss of himself!  And he has very happy customers.

Toni told me the same type of story.  She was starting a new career and easing herself out of her work of decades. And it was hard..and she loved it!  She was taking care of a family. Her kids were older and it was time for a change.  She had it all in her head.  She could see it.  And sure enough...she is a nanny to a little girl, and a chef to the family she works for, 3 days a week..

Molly told me she had been a big-wig in human resources for a big-wig company...and now she is an incredible florist..her own time, her own creativity, her own life...and the talent!  I was the lucky recipient of one of her gorgeous orchid arrangements which she personally delivered to me.  It knocked my socks off!

I love the unknown. Yeah, it is scary.  Maybe that is why I liked flying so much: sailplanes (no engines there), or delivering planes (flying across country beating the weather), or repossessing planes (that speaks for itself). Talk about unknown.

But really it's not the unknown. It takes some planning, and flexibility.

I find the unknown in very simple things these days. All I wanted to do last week was to take a day off and watch the America's Cup races on San Francisco Bay.  I had a plan of taking my bike to the Alameda ferry, taking the ferry to the Ferry Building in SF, and riding around to St. Francis Yacht Club.  It's a pretty snooty yacht club.. but we've been members for decades and I could face the snoot-i-ness.

My neighbor said I should ride with a partner.  It was the smart thing to do.  The more I thought about it the more I said

Bottom line, it was a very successful day for me, and for the Kiwi challengers. Nobody to meet.  No place to be.  No where to go. But I did meet people in passing  I did go to places.  And I did get around.

And I went back on the ferry with a neighbor-dad and his kids, also on their bikes, taking the day off from school.  A perfect day...and mostly unknown.

Live richly, marilyn


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