Once a quarter we meet...

We met about 4 years ago.  He's very different than the other two.  One was so cheap.  The other had too many tricks up his sleeve.  That guy scared me for a lot of years.

I ride my bike to meet him.  His office is close by.  Parking a car is a hassle. I can park my my bike just outside his door.

We talk about our families.  He's got three girls, and the youngest just started college.  Mine are older...been there, done that.  But it's fun to hear about them.  He is very proud of his family of ladies.  Pictures of them fill my mind...I'm probably way off on how they look.

We talk about the dog he got for his wife.  Well, it really was for him.  He walks him.  He cleans up after him.  But it really was for the wife.  He says.  I think not.

I told him about my work change and what that meant to me.  Went in to full detail about it.  Talked about what I've learned about myself by doing that.  It's all good and getting better.

I tell him I've removed myself  from the yachting business completely.  Boat is gone.  Corporation is gone. The moulds gave been removed from the small airport where we stored them for decades, outside of Chico.

The yacht club remains, however, and I don't need any boat.  I got the surviving spouse dues rate and it's too good to give up.  The chick friends like going over to San Francisco for a view that is priceless, and they throw in dinner for us (well, I'm charged for it whether we eat there or not).      

We chat about the America's Cup and the technology blowing in the wind and up those mast/wings.

We talk about world affairs.  He has a very interesting solution for the USA relationship (or not) with Syria. He wonders how do we change many generations of thought, even hatred?

He says we need to make our own lives so good, so fulfilling, so giving, that when those folks see us, they know there is a better life than what they have.  It doesn't have to be here, it can be where they are.  And they will change those generations of hostilities in a very short order because they can.  Hhmmm.   Changing thought...easier than changing anything else around us. Changing thoughts.

Then he says, did you bring your stuff?
Yes, I did.
Okay, let's see what you've got.  Is it all here?
Yes.  I do have some questions about it.
Go ahead.
And then we delve into my taxes.

He's my CPA.  Tax accountant.  Paul has more humanity than many.

And I keep thinking about Syria...and his idea.

Live richly, marilyn  


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