Down loading, upgrading...take me back!

More upgrades to my computer, my apps (and I don't mean the stomach kind), my cell phone, my devices like my I can talk on my phone but don't get caught holding my phone.

Like an idiot, I bought (well, it was free) into something called Magic Plan.  This Magic Plan app lets me make floor plans on my cell phone.  Yes!  I heard the guy from the company, in person, talk at a meeting all day for all apps for all people in real estate.

No, it did-ent. He showed a video of how it worked.

I did it in real time.  What was a square came out like a four or five sided parabola (I'll provide the definition/link on Wikipedia!). All I had to do is to take a picture of a corner, then the next, then the next...and it would be done!  No, it did-ent.

So I emailed my appraiser with a "help!" message and he could get to it in a couple of days.  It would take me that long to re-align walls that should have been straight!

My friend on NPR, Kai Ryssdal, (well, I don't know him, but I think I do), said on a Marketplace program this week, that the new look for iPhones (something about upgrading and updating the operating system  - is it IOS 7?), was very nice looking but was a real change.  Ut-oh!  Changes and devices go together but not in my world.

Kai (my friend), said a friend of his sent him a video of his 4 year old son.  This kid was thrown for a loop by the iPhone upgrade.  Yes, a 4 year old.  The kid was crying because nothing was the same on his dad's device and he was so angry with it.

Oh dear little need to get used to upgrading, downloading, upsizing, and rightsizing.  We all need to get used to all of it!

Maybe I should adopt the attitude that a young friend said to her parents after one week in middle school.  "I just want to back to elementary school."

Yeah, me too.

Oh, BTW, I think the iPhone upgrade is so much better now.

Live richly,  marilyn


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