Good news and bad news = translated.

You can't see the leaks.  Translated =  they are under the hood, not on the ground.  Gosh, when I flew planes you could see the oil everywhere!  The cowling, the ground, the wings, even the windshield. If you didn't see any oil might mean there was nothing inside.

The timing chain was wearing out.  Translated = that chain is the glue that holds everything together under the hood.

The tires weren't wearing evenly. Translated = it needed new shocks.

The major service needed to be done.  Translated = more $.

The glove box was breaking again.  Translated =  they saved it by fiber-glassing it.  About $500 that I didn't have to spend.

And on and on and on.

My Audi A4 has 83K miles on it.  Audi Eddie and his crew specialize in working on Audi's.

The bad news is that the Cadeau (personalized plate) is over 10 years old.  I'm easy on the car, and it's easy on my eyes.  "I like it!" I say, the way Mikey enthused about Life cereal , back in the 1980's.

The good news is that it got the repairs done before I head out on a road trip in a few weeks. The bad news was that I had to rent a car for three days.

The good news is that I really hadn't thought about a new car.  The bad news is that I did think about a new car when I heard the 'news' about the cost of getting the repairs made.

The good news is that I didn't have to drive the Chevy Cruze much.  The bad news was, it looked a bit like the Audi from the rear when it was parked in the driveway.  Shocking news, when did Chevy's start looking like Audi's?

The good news is...they've improved vehicles over the past decade.  The bad news it reminded me of when my VW got side-ended-totaled by a Ford Fairlane, and we had to get a new car.

The good news was Carl got a good deal from a Ford dealer who owned a boat of his design. The bad news was Carl couldn't sleep for 3 nights he was so nervous about the payment....$126 per month.  

The good news was Carl got over it.  The really good news was that there was a big change between a '67 VW bug, and a 1980's- something, new Escort.  Power steering, power brakes, a radio that worked perfectly, a trunk, seat belts that were built-in, not ones that we needed to install ourselves.

Improvements. The Chevy Cruze has the rear-end camera that sees everything and let's you know it.  It has a starter like my dad's Prius....push the button and it goes.  Of course, I did sit in the car for awhile and push the heater button several times, and wonder why the car didn't fire up.  But that's another story.  Fuel efficiency. Cheaper parts.  Plus, I didn't drive much.

Over all - this is a good news story.

In a few years I'm sure the Audi will be a 'classic', like my smashed up VW.  Translated = I expect I'll just drive it into dust.  And I prefer the cameras that look ahead not behind.  Translated = looking forward is better. Looking back can be informative, but it won't move me ahead.

Onward!  Live richly, marilyn


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