Forget about it.

I heard a speaker yesterday at a small meeting.  He's a life coach and a kid coach and a biz coach.  And he was good!  Really good.

He challenged us.  Do not complain for 30 days.  Gosh, I'm not sure I can go 30 minutes!

I've made it through the first day.  And most everything came out fine.

I couldn't find my Realtor lockbox key fob.  That's the thingy that hangs off my key chain and allows me to access a property when I plug it into my cell phone, in accord with the written instructions given by the agent. And, behold, the night before, an agent called to say he thought he might have locked the keys inside the house.  No keys, no keybox fob.  Hmmm.  But it was really good to hear from him about the situation.

The idea came to call one of my colleagues to ask if she would head over to the house this morning, open up the lockbox with her fob, and put some spare keys in, since I couldn't do it myself.

I didn't really yell at the agent.  Score 1.  I was a bit forceful about losing the keys. Score --1. It was a quiet roar that I used.  And when my friend got there, she found the missing keys exactly in the lockbox where they belonged.  Score 8!  Somebody had come back and remedied the missing key caper.  I gave myself a 5 out of a scale of 10 for not complaining.

Next item for 9am in the morning...meeting the painter regarding the warranty work at the church for the paint that is now 8 years old. I've never seen that warranty.  He showed it to me.  I read it.  Not as great as I was lead to believe.  Did I complain?  No!  Did he seem to make concessions!  Yes!  We will get on his list and wait for a call from him.  Score 10 of 10.

Next item 11am.  Go to a small, two hour local association Realtor meeting.  That was just fine.  Mostly sat and listened while I ate a bagel, and reported on my assignment.  No complaining there.

Golf lesson 2pm.  My right side works so much more than my left.  By the time I left (not the side but exited the lesson), a friend, Vick, was watching.  "One in a row!" he said.  I just cracked up.  I hit three balls in a row very well.  So there, Vick.  No complaining.

Because of my phone/key fob situation, I decided to upgrade my phone to an iPhone 5s today, thus I could start fresh. I had the iPhone 4 for at least a couple of years.

I should have known that these wiz kids at the ATT Store say everything is easy.  "You just need to do this and do that and if you don't want to do that go the the other ATT Store a few miles away and have them download everything for you."  Alrighty...I'll do that.  And it took almost two hours with some very nice child-ladies, one which was learning as much as I did...but she did it with more authority.

I settled for having my finger print created for access to the phone...a giant challenge. Neither of us knew anything about the exercise.  Then she got my contacts moved over.  That she knew.   The child-woman asked "How many contacts to you have in this?" My answer, "Probably over 1000."  "Oh!" she said. "That may take some time." Yep, it was over 1300 contacts.

The upshot is....did I keep my cool.  Did I complain?  No, but yes, I did ask one of the wiz kids if we could get some help.  But...for the most part...I kept my cool and kept smiling...even laughing with them.  I'd give myself an 8 out of 10.

When I got home, I decided to call my non-resident expert, my son, who called me back.  I do think he's more like his dad all the time.  He exudes patience with me.  And I can't thank him enough.

I know I can get this stuff off the internet but I don't even know where/what to search for. It is so much easier to do what Evan says, as he reads it for me, and takes over my computer screen.  And the process was not at all like what the ATT child-women told me..not at all.

Day one...over.  Twenty-nine days to go.  My keys are in place. The touch up paint job will get done. I have email on my phone, have a phone that rings, and as for the apps and my music? I'll have to figure that out for myself.

Already I'm thinking about the exercise of not complaining, a bit differently.  Nobody wants to hear it.  It doesn't offer anything.  And it's quite freeing to let it go.  However, one day is not thirty days.

My new motto is  "Forget about it!"  Let's see if I can forget about it...and live it.

Live richly, marilyn


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