She's not talkin' to me!

What have I done that could make her so speechless? Maybe I got her mad. Did I ignore her?  Ms. Maps has an attitude these days.  She's on and off,. but mostly off.

Audi Eddie assured me that I would love Google Maps.  It's free (yay!) and easy (uh, no).  With the new gadget that Eddie gave me he assured me that I could hear all the noise I need or would want to hear through the speakers in my car as long as it's set on CDC (whatever that is). .

I am sure that my mouth hung wide open as Eddie showed me things about my iPhone that I couldn't even imagine.  I am easily stunned and mostly clueless.  First, he said, I need to stop my apps from taking up space.  No!  I need the apps!  No - you are not dumping them.  You're just not allowing them to be draining the phone brain.

He assured me that Google Maps would get me most any where I wanted to go - except for mountains and valleys and dead zones  Nonetheless, I felt brave.

This past week E&E (son Evan and his wife Erin) joined me for a brunch/lunch. I took the leap. I asked if anybody could make Google Maps work.  Ev assured me it was automatic and proceeded to prove it.  But with each direction Ms. Maps gave him, he ignored it, knowing that she could re-group and pick up the trail at anytime.  Well, that seems just fine.  But I don't have him as a back up for Ms. Maps if she decides to take a nap.

Then I asked if they knew how to stop my apps from working. Not eliminate them. Erin jumped right in! She says she learns about her phone from her middle school students.  What she showed me is exactly what Eddie did,.but I lost it in the translation.

The next day Ev got Ms. Maps to work again.  Then he got on the train back to San Diego. Buh-bye mom! Have fun!

If I knew where I was, I was happy to have her come along. But no trust and no love, however.

Next task?  Meet friends for dinner in San Clemente.  Down the 73 and run into the 5.  No voice.  No noise. And I didn't know where to go.  At the first San Clemente exit I got off so I wouldn't drive right through all the other exits. I parked and looked at my phone.  Then for some reason I heard my phone on my bluetooth (the device that allows me to speak hands free while driving).  Then I figured out I couldn't use them at the same time.  Really?  How was I supposed to know?

Without knowing where I was I pulled into the parking lot and honked at my friends!  How amazing!

Getting home.  What I wanted was to get to Pacific Coast Highway because if I was able to do that then I could head home without Ms. Maps. But I was lost.  I pushed on.  It was very dark.  Yet I had the feeling I had been there the recently in daylight.

Sure enough, I had ridden my bike in Dana Point and Doheny Beach and that is where I was - on PCH without guidance and in the dark.  At least I knew where I was.

Since then I have not had Ms. Maps on my speakers.  I am convinced that I will be victorious. And I supposed when I least expect it...she will decide it's time to speak up.

Live richly, marilyn


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