The times (and clothes) they are a-changin'!

I think you may think I'm going back to the '60's to review a folk song.  No.  Not today.

I am not a fashionista - not by any stretch of the word, which is almost too long for me to spell, much less drape it around a body that cannot comprehend what the word means.

Yesterday I changed clothes twice during the day...not because I was getting dressed up but because the weather changed on me.

But today, I changed clothes three times. No, that does not include my jammies.  

First time....I have a standing golf lesson at noon every week.  So I put on some cropped pants, a plaid shirt, and sandals.  Changed into my golf shoes at the range.

I often wonder why I take these lessons.  The more I try, the worse I am...yet after a two week lapse, I'm hittin' them just fine.  What's with that?  But for me, as I've said, this is time for me and my therapist, adviser, and my golf teacher, Woody.  He knows as much about me as most anybody on the earth.  But I digress.

Second time...I came home from my golf lesson and since I was working in my office and the weather had cooled a bit, although it was sunny, I put on some jeans and a long sleeved shirt.  I rode my bike to an appointment wearing this attire.

Third time...I came back home and it was still sunny but cold!  Really cold to me.  Sooo...I put on my heavier jeans. I hope they don't make me look too heavy (oh well, and btw, why are jeans called they?), my button down fleece shirt, and my old UGG boots!  And that's what I'm wearing now.  

My old UGG boots.  Carl bought those for me in New Zealand.  They were my first. And what a great surprise!  That was about 13 or 14 years ago, maybe more.  Then I bought some new ones but they got dirty and have some small holes in them.  But I can't let them go.  So I wear them when I'm not dressed up.

And that leads me to dressing up. My idea of dressing up these autumn days is (are?) jeans, a nice sweater, and casual, comfortable, leather shoes.  And when it's really cold and I need something special, I will wear the UGGs that Sutter brought me from New Zealand this past summer.  Slightly changed in the style, yet perfect.

Gosh, if this is dressing up...I really don't want to consider what dressing down means.  But I do think that this is one of the gains of becoming 'more mature.'  As a friend and I were agreeing last night at dinner, if people don't like it...shrug and say 'hhhmmm.'  And blow them off.

Change with the times, but keep it real.

Live richly, marilyn


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