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The winner is....

Why do I do it?  I put myself in this situation every time it happens.  I cry when I am sure I won't.  Everything is a complete (not always) surprise.  I wait on everything as though I've never heard it or seen it before. I did it again last weekend.  Thumbing through the TV channels and there was one of them. It's Oscar time! I do not get too carried away with Hollywood honoring themselves.  Usually I don't watch the Oscars.  But I like to go backwards with it...whether the movies received any Oscars or not.  I'm not too hard to please.  Just give me something sweet, a little bit of savory, a tad of tartness, and some serious eye-watering and I'm good to go! Sleepless in Seattle is my favorite movie .   And I suppose I must admit that I love You've Got Mail.   And I suppose it all started for me with the great film flick  When Harry Met Sally .   These are total chick flicks.  Comm--pletely! I must love Norah Effron, who wrote the screen plays and d