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It was the year of 'dollar days'.

Our family used to (well, I made all of them, Carl, Sutter, and Evan) answer the following questions, every new year.  Gosh, even I learned what was on everybody's minds...sometimes we just don't pause long enough to ask, much less answer. Last year I didn't complete the survey.  Yet it does give me some time to ponder.'s the survey!  What’s the most fun you’ve had in 2012?  New Zealand with Sutter (and sometimes Sean).   It is an amazing small country...that seems to know its mind.   What’s the weirdest place you’ve been om 2012?   Taking the walking Tour of Destruction, in Christchurch, lead by Sean, our local expert (just the 3 of us, super informative about the buildings coming down and the new 'Frame'). The city is not rebuilding, it is renewing - coming up with a whole new plan! What’s the biggest personal accomplishment you’ve had in 2012?  Going to Maui, two weeks after NZ, returning home on Dec. 21. It was very quiet: