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Do you want hot water, warm, or brr-cold with that?

My washer broke down almost two weeks ago.  That wasn't all that bad.  I washed the clothes at the laundromat and brought them home to dry. The repairman I called works on Crosley machines.  They are made by Frigidaire.  He couldn't find the problem.  So he said if it happened again, he wouldn't charge me the service fee. If  I only could sit still and watch the machine run through a cycle, he would would have shown up once.  But NOOOO.  I needed to go do something productive.  Thus, I found water all over the floor....again.  He came back. But while I was kicking myself, mopping up the water, my leg touched the back of the dryer vent, and it was wet!  So I took some blue tape and wrapped it where the water leaked.  Above that mark it didn't leave any residual water.  It was leaking out the drain pipe.  The repair man said he'd snake it but I don't have one.  I don't like snakes.  They bite. So I called the best plumber I know.  By all appearances