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Shhh...don't tell anybody!

I will admit to these mistakes.  I can't help but believe that I'm not the only one who makes them.  I mean, these days there is so much to manipulate, fuss-about-with, and just plain moan outloud (when I'm by myself). Here goes~ I have tried to dial (as in dialing the phone, which very few of us do these days) so maybe I should say punch my i-Phone.  Except it is not my phone.  It is my universal remote control (for the TV, Blu Ray, Radio, etc etc).  And I wonder why nothing is happening to the person I'm calling?  Hello?  H-E-L-L-O? More than once I have attempted to lick envelopes to seal them, and they didn't stick closed.  Turns out they already had a piece of tape on them that you tear off and then seal it.  Nothing to lick.  (I bet you thought I was going to say I forgot to put the contents into the envelope!  HA!  Not yet.) In my office I have a landline to my right, and usually put my cell phone to my left.  I have a headset on my landline and ear