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Is he showing up?

Here's my list : donuts, juices, napkins, cups, table is set up, donation jar, client bags, my sweatshirt showing who I am and what I'm doing, grabbing the space in front of the house for parking, and we are ready... except for.... Ut-oh.  I've called the guy who books the shredding truck for Cintas and he doesn't return his calls, doesn't email, doesn't do anything.  I've got to reach his company tomorrow because my company is coming on Saturday!  Yes, I booked it at the first of the year.  That, he said, is plenty of time.  Yes, he told me we have the truck.  Yes, he said he'd check who would be driving it.  But he doesn't call me back!  And I haven't talked to him for over a month.  See, I'm not obsessive/compulsive.  I just want to confirm we're good to go or not, before the weekend comes and his company doesn't! Wouldn't that be hysterical if folks came and the vendor didn't?  I mean I could handle it somehow...but