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I did it to myself.  Usually I say no.  But occasionally I let one talk to see how good or bad the selling pitch is.   So I listened to him.  My fault.  I gave him (yes, I know I'm to blame) one hour on the phone the next day when we were both at our computers.  He assured me I wouldn't forget it.  He was right about that! He works for a company that sells a system ($500 off this month) that can allow folks to find my biz page on FaceBook.  First, $500 off?  How much is this magic potion? Second, my biz page on Facebook?  How many 'friends' do I have to share to get their friends and then their friends, and then their friends to look at my biz page?  Somehow the number got up to 6000 friends of friends of friends.  That alone was a deal killer. I don't know how hungry this guy was but he was like a pit bull biting my leg.  It was hard to shake him off.  He was going to be there until I clubbed him (or hung up on him).    And of course when he brought up the pa